What?! you clicked here! That means you want to learn more about me. weird...So, My name is Rose and I'm the owner and writer of this blog. I live in this tiny island,  in the Mediterranean sea, called Cyprus. and I work at a spa. I recently finished my studies at a beauty school but because of my work I'm still constantly learning new stuff about the world of beauty and make-up, which I love. I also have fun experimenting and creating with make-up. Even though my work schedule is a bit hectic and never fails to keep me busy, I have a lot of hobbies, including playing music, songwriting, photography, and of course blogging!

Through this blog I want to let you be a part of my life and share with you special moments and memories. I'd like to write about my life, tutorials, events, and more; also get to know you and share opinions and ideas with one another. So, stick around
and let's be friends!