Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Post: My Name Is Rose

Oh hey there guys! As you can see from the title, this is my very first blog post. I'm finally doing this! I won't lie, I actually googled some ideas for first posts because I wanted to get inspired, but, I don't think i'm going to use any of that just because I want my first post to be honest and original.

 So today i'm going to introduce myself to you and tell you a few things about this blog. 
First of...My name is Rose and I live in Cyprus. I'm pretty sure most of you never heard of it but it's a small island in the Mediterranean sea. It's a very beautiful place to live and I love it. Especially in the summer when you can  visit all these amazing beaches or the traditional villages. Anyway i'm not going to promote my country any longer I promise. (but you can google it )

Back to our topic. I was first introduced to the world of blogging back in 2013 when two of my best friends and I decided to start a blog together. First, we took the idea as a joke, but then we started thinking about it and the more we discussed about it, the more it looked like a good idea. So, a few days later, (after a meeting we had at Starbucks) we created Bogibo! That's when I realized how much I love blogging, and sharing special moments with the world. Even though sometimes it's hard to keep up, especially when you have a busy schedule, but when you do take the time to do it, it feels really good. Now you are probably going to wonder: if you already have a blog, why do you want to start another one? The answer is simple. I love posting on Bogibo, but I also wanted my own place to share my experiences, my creativity and my thoughts without having to consider if they look ''professional'' or not. Just like a journal. So that's what i'm going to do here.

Even though I have zero free time due to my work, I'll try to post here as much as possible.If you are curious about what I do, I work at a spa as a beautician. I love my job and I've always wanted to work in the beauty industry. Sometimes it can be hard because we don't actually have a working schedule so I might work more hours that i'm suppose to, but sometimes it can be the opposite. This is the hardest part about my job. Other than that, I enjoy working there because I learn new stuff every day. I go to seminars or I even do courses about new techniques and equipment. In the future I might be posting more about what I do if you are interested.

Apart from beauty and makeup, I also love everything that has to do with fashion. I like experimenting with different looks and styles and of course I love shopping! I spend hours checking out fashion blogs or watching videos on youtube for inspiration.
You can also say i'm a bit crafty. I like recreating ideas from pinterest or I make my own accessories or decoration out of old stuff

Ok, I am going to stop ranting about myself and I'm going to tell you what this Blog is going to be about. NotesByRose is going to be exactly what the title says. My notes. My personal ''diary''. I'm going to be posting lifestyle and fashion ideas, DIY's, photography, events and many more! So stay tuned, leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section, and of course leave your blog names as well because I would love to check your blogs too!
thanks for stopping by..see you on my next post! 


  1. Hello dear!!!Great style your blog...:-)Thanks for stopping by my blog...would you like to follow each other??I'm waiting for you on my blog...and let me know...

  2. Lovely style! So cute!

  3. love your blog layout/template!! very simple & minimalistic!! keep it up & stay in touch!! xx


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